Featured Cars

1953 – C1

Jacks 1961 Corvette, new and then 13 days later…
Chuck & Peggy’s beautiful C4
Peggy, Chuck & Petunia’s hot C7
Keith & Carol Diehl’s Big Block C2
Keith & Carol Diehl’s C2
It’s called a Big Block, for a reason… 425 reasons…
Debbie & Rick’s Z06 – Blue Heat #1
Blue Heat #1 enjoying the sunshine
John & Vicki’s C3
John & Vicki’s C7
Joe & Ginny’s C8 visits Spruce Knob
Brian, Jeannie & Alan Elkin’s C7
Hood liner on Brian’s C7
Charlie & Harriett Taylor’s 1968 C3
Keith & Carol Diehl’s C8
Nancy White’s 2006 C6 Coupe
Nancy White’s 2006 C6 Coupe
John & Vicki Miller’s C7
Bob & Dianna Hill’s C7 Coupe
Don & Karen Burford’s C7 Coupe
Bette & Randy Damron’s 2008 C6 Coupe
The Man, the Myth, the Legend…. STOP, we’re giving him the big head now…. Randy and his C6
Cheryl & Jack’s 2023 C8 Convertable
Cover Worthy – Jack & Cheryl’s 2023 70th Anniversary C8
Charlie & Mary Ann Brown’s 2017 C7 Grand Sport